Looking for quick and easy method to create beautiful nail arts?  Look no further, nail artists can now create quick, easy, countless cool arts when combine the colorful Foil Art Water Decals + sparkling Glitters/Pigments + creative Stencils

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 15 reviews
by Just nailed it on SheModern.com
Foil Water Decals

I've tried the foil water decals from SheModern and have falling in love.  They are beautiful and easy to use.  I use on my nails and on my Youtube channel. Thank you SheModern.

by Kay Lilia on SheModern.com
Sparkling Neon pigments

Love these neon sparkling pigments you can totally see the sparkling in the neon pigment when you apply it love this product got a lot of compliments while wearing. A lot of colors  you can select from I also like the bottle it's in so if you knock it over it won't spill all over the place.  I recommend the sparkling Neon pigments

by Lilo W. on SheModern.com
Nail Foils, Stencils & Glitters

I’m a happy customer of the SheModern products. I’ve tried almost everything they’ve to offer; Nail foils, stencils and of course the beautiful glitters and pigments. Each product is quite unique! I never purchased anything from other companies, I went straight for the best! The products are so versatile and easy to use, they are great even for beginners.  And let me tell you something else: The owner of SheModern is one of a kind. She’s helpful and generous. I like her very much!

by Kay on SheModern.com
Foil nail art honest review

These foil nail arts are amazing, high quality.  So many options of arts you can do many things with them.  Love these products.  Easy to use.  I recommend the foil arts!

by Sarah k on SheModern.com
Magic binding powder & pigments/glitters

I have many of She Modern pigments and holographic glitters, and all I can say is it’s all very high grade nail art products! Lately I started using the magic binding powder, you mix it in with any of She Modern glitter and pigments with a drop of water, not much a tiny drop, and when mixed it turns the products in to a paint form, suitable for nail and nail arts.I felt in love with it, it’s so much fun and easy to use, fast drying, no smells like polishes, I recently made a holographic decal, wow stunning .. to try it just put a matte top coat on top of your normal clear polish on your stamping matts, then just stamp a pattern and colour it in, you will be floored if you see the sparkles.Anyway fully recommend these products for nail arts, I have also used the paints to colour in matte water decals She Modern now sells, that also looks stunning .Thank you She Modern. I will return for more magic powder that’s a promise .

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