She Modern online shop is started in May 2017 with unique Foil Nail Art Stickers  +  Sparkling Nail Glitter that will add a touch of sparkle and iridescent shine to ladies’ nails.

Sparkling Nail Glitter will make applying glitter to nails quickly and easily with controlled dispensing bottle tip for a minimal messy application, minimal wasting glitter.  She Modern carry a wide range of sparkling nail glitter colors.  Option for creative mix-and-match glitter colors on nails will give interesting looks.  Nail artists can turn any metallic iridescent glitter into sparkling holographic rainbow with a touch of added Silver Holo Glitters, or any glitter color combination of choice.  Or added a touch of Sparkling Translucent Fairy and/or Translucent Pearl Glitter over any base color for sparkling iridescent shine effect.

Popular and quality Foil Sticker Nail Arts are quick and easy ways to give ladies beautiful shinny nails.  Different art sizes will give limitless, creative placements with many foil colors to choose from.  Yes, nail art stickers already exist but to have the look of true foil shine with many color option to choose from, not many similar products exist that are close in comparison.  Only available with She Modern brand and is made in USA.


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