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Foil Nail Art Stickers
Creative Ways Using Regular Polish

 Loosen Up Foil Art Layer Tip:  After apply thin quick dry polish over foil art film, let dry, apply glue to turn into stickers.  If finding lifting the transparent film away from the foil art after placing over dry nail is a little challenging.  Use an alternative method to slightly scratch the thin polish […]

Web_Creative Stencil Sticker Stamping Nail Arts

Stencil Stickers Stamping
Creative Ways To Apply Nail Arts

Stencil Glue Cleaning Tip:  An alternative way for quick, easy glue cleaning over stencil while still wet is to clean with water soaked wipe or rinse under running water/soap if not want to use the tape removing method to avoid stencil arts from wearing out. Viewing Tip:  If play video is freezing with longer loading […]