Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions regarding Creative Stencil Nail Glitter Arts + Sparkling Glitter Nail Design Arts + Foil Sticker Nail Arts ?
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Sparkling Glitter Nail Design Arts

How to open glitter bottle cap?

To open the childproof bottle cap, push white cap down and at the same time turn counterclockwise to open.

How to dispense glitter from bottle tip?

Turn bottle upside down with tip over the black mixing canvas, lightly tap the bottom to dispense glitter to desired used quantity.  Dispense just enough for use and more as needed.

How to apply glitter over nail?

For gel manicure, mix glitter with wet top method is recommended (Because of the no-dry nature of clear gel top until cure under LED/UV light till it harden, it is more manageable and flexible to work with)

  • First brush off excess gel top polish over rim when taking out of bottle.
  • Brush a thin layer of clear top over nail.
  • Use the same brush to pick up glitter on canvas and apply evenly over wet nail.  For light coverage, apply glitter sparingly.  For full coverage, apply heavy by picking up more dry glitter and deposit on wet nail.
  • Once satisfy with the cover opacity, cure under LED/UV light to harden glitter gel.
  • Clean contaminated brush in polish remover/acetone bottle to free from all trace of glitter specks before place back in the gel bottle.
  • Apply another layer of clear gel top and cure under light for smooth, glossy finish.

For regular manicure, tapping glitter method over tacky dry polish is recommended (Because of the fast drying nature of clear top when expose to air, it is more challenging to work with if use the mixing method of wet top + glitter method as gel nail)

  • First apply clear top coat over polished nail and leave to tacky dry.
  • Use a clean finger tip to pick up glitter on canvas and apply evenly over tacky dry nail.  Repeat this step until desired glitter coverage is applied evenly.  Flatten glitter and brush off excess with soft finger tip.
  • Lightly brush clear top polish over glitter nail to seal.
  • Clean contaminated brush in polish remover/acetone bottle to free from all trace of glitter specks before place back in the clear polish bottle.
  • Glitter surface tend to be texture rough if apply only 1 clear top coat, so 2-3 layers of glossy top is recommended to even out and give smooth finish look to glitter nail.

How is 2-Mix Glitter color option work?

There are already many beautiful, sparkling glitter colors offer.  The 2-mix color option will include any two glitter of choice, create more option for glitter lovers to pick their favorite colors.

When receive the 2-mix glitter bottle, customer will see two separate colors.  Before use, shake bottle to uniformly mix the glitter together.  Although two separate glitter bottles can be mixed at the time of use on the mixing canvas, the 2-mix colors in the same bottle is better for users that like evenly mix glitters.

What included in the Sparkling Glitter package?

Package include: 1 bottle glitter, 1 empty bottle nail brush cleanser, 1 nail ring display, 1 black mixing canvas, foil nail sticker samples (random arts, colors, size)

Note: For Sparkling Glitter, each bottle is about 5 gram in weight.  For Sparkling Powder Pearl, each bottle is about 3 gram in weight.

What different between Translucent Sparkling Fairy Glitter and Translucent Powder Pearl?

Translucent Sparkling Fairy Glitter are larger micro glitter size compare to Translucent Sparkling Powder Pearl.

Both are white in appearance and will become translucent clear when mix with clear top coat when apply over nails.  Both will sparkle beautifully and give any nail base color iridescent shine effect.

Quality powder pearl is so fine that with light coverage over any nail base color, it is almost invisible until under strong light source, like direct sunlight, will it sparkle brilliantly.  With heavy and full coverage of powder pearl, mix with clear top, will turn any nail base color into interesting iridescent, mermaid shine effect.  Just a tiny bit of powder pearl is needed, thus a 3 gram bottle will last long with careful use.

How is the Sparkling Glitter from She Modern better quality and usage compare to others?

She Modern’s Sparkling Glitter and Powder Pearl are of high quality.  Micro glitter in size for Sparkling Glitter compare to many larger glitter size offer by other brands.  Usage is versatile, work with any medium: acrylic, gel or regular top.

Just a touch of glitter/powder pearl is enough to add iridescent shine and elegant to ladies’ nails with controlled mix coverage (glitter/powder + wet top) when apply light or heavy, sparingly or full over nails.

Dispense glitter/powder quickly and easily with controlled application steps, minimize wasting and messy workplace, result in long lasting, money worth investment product.

How to use the included Nail Brush Cleanser/Acetone bottle, the black Mixing Canvas, the nail ring display, and foil art sticker samples?

1)  Nail Brush Cleanser/Acetone Bottle

Fill the empty nail brush cleanser bottle with polish remover or acetone to clean glitter brush.  Bottle is just the right size for use, making cleaning glitter mess quick and easy, not worry about glitter brush contaminated the whole polish bottle when putting it back inside, will not waste too much cleansing solution.  After complete glitter application discard old solution.  Before new manicure session, refill and use fresh solution.

2)  Mixing Canvas

Use the black mixing canvas to dispense the right amount of glitter to use.  Clean up with dry napkin or acetone soaked napkin to wipe away glitter mess on mixing canvas.

3)  Nail Ring Display Swatch

Use the provided nail ring to create creative swatch sample, place over bottle cap for interesting and inspirational display.

4)  Foil Nail Art Sticker Samples

Experience with the beautiful foil nail art sticker samples.  Application is quick and easy: 1) Peel foil sticker away from backing paper, 2) Place foil art on nail and flatten well, 3) Seal with clear gel or water-based polish.  If use regular, air-dry top coat, a thin layer of Unt Lacquer is needed in between to protect foil color from smearing.


Foil Sticker Nail Arts

How to apply Foil Nail Art Stickers?

1)   Peel foil sticker away from backing paper

Use a pointed tweezers, grab the sticker from the clear outer edge, try not to touch or scratch the foil art surface.

Extra step is needed if use regular, air-dry clear top.  First brush a thin layer of Unt Lacquer Peel Off Base layer over foil art while still on backing paper and let dry to create a protection barrier.

2)   Place foil art on nail and flatten well

Lightly place the sticker over nail, press and roll from one side to the other will stretch the foil sticker to flatten and adhere well over any curve nail.

Quality foil art sticker has strong adhesive back and will stick well to smooth, dry, non-tacky nail surface.  If gel surface is tacky after curing, use alcohol wipe to remove the inhibition layer before applying foil sticker over top.

Quality foil sticker is strong and durable so no need to worry about ruin art if using soft press finger or soft tissue napkin to flatten art.

Creative side trimming of large size art for interesting composition need to be done before foil sticker is pressed and flatten.

Be careful with foil art placement and trimming, not to place too close to the nail cuticle sides, ensure top sealing coat is well covered.  Not well flatten nor well sealed foil sticker will show visible rising edge after top coat is applied and may result in edge lifting of few day wear.

Applying foil sticker correctly for long lasting, natural and well blended look is an art and may need some practice for new users.

3)   Seal with clear polish for long lasting shine

Foil nail art sticker works well with clear gel top or water based clear top for sealing protection.

If use regular, air-dry top coat, a thin layer of Unt Lacquer is needed as barrier to protect foil color from smearing from the strong chemical interaction of the regular top polish.

Foil art need to be pressed hard and flatten well before sealing with clear top for a natural, well blended look.

Foil art sticker work well with quick-dry gel nail.  Regular polish nail need time to dry and hard press may ruin the nail color base if not careful.

What included in the Foil Nail Art Sticker package?

Package include 1 full sheet of art stickers with foil color of choice.  Arts quantity and designs are the same as picture display on product page.  Quality foil art stickers are thin, flexible, yet strong and durable with clear adhesive backs, just peel and place on nails.  Quick and easy!

What base nail colors will Foil Nail Art Stickers show best on?

Different angle viewing at foil arts will show light or dark shades of shine reflection.  Foil nail arts will show up well over natural nails or light base polish colors.  For a well visible foil art reflection over any base color, light or dark, pick the matted foil silver and matted foil gold color option.  Be creative, be bold, experiment and see how you like your creation!