Foil Nail Art Stickers
Creative Ways Using Regular Polish

Loosen Up Foil Art Layer Tip:  After apply thin quick dry polish over foil art film, let dry, apply glue to turn into stickers.  If finding lifting the transparent film away from the foil art after placing over dry nail is a little challenging.  Use an alternative method to slightly scratch the thin polish to loosen up one side, just a bit, not a lot.  That way when placing the whole art film over the nail, firmly press down and start from the loose scratch side to easily lift the whole clear film away from the foil arts.  As long as one side of the film is separated from the foil arts, make it easy to lift away the whole film.

Remove And Minimized Foil Art Polish Outline Tip:  If use the quick-dry regular polish and apply thinly, after place foil sticker over dry nail, remove the cover film.  If still see little extend excess polish, touch a dab of alcohol around the outline to dissolve the dry polish, use small brush with gentle press tab around the outline or alcohol wipe with gently, slight press/rub over the foil art stickers.  Then protect the foil art with a thin Unt layer and full top cover  over the whole nail with clear, regular top coat.  Alcohol will dissolve thin dry polish while not doing harm to the foil shine arts.  Cool method, give this a try for a well blending, beautiful art look.

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