Glitter French Gel Nails
3 Simple Salon Quality Designs

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Want to create that perfect french smile lines, and best of all, sparkling glitter french gel nails? 

A must see method for nail artists, nail technicians and salon owners to learn how to create salon quality, glitter french nails quickly and easily to WOW customers and increase income.  Countless creative placements + color combinations are up to nail artists’ imagination.


1)  Prepare nail well, apply foundation base coat, cure under LED/UV light and apply light gel pink and cure again.

Note:  Apply any color gel over foundation base gel is optional, skip the color step if want a natural, clear french nail.

2)  Remove the tacky layer with alcohol wipe and lightly buff the smooth nail surface.

Note:  Light buffing will create good holding base for foil glue to adhere well.

3)  Apply foil glue over nail surface with even brush strokes and fan dry glue for few minutes until the milky white color turn sticky clear.

Note: If foil glue is apply directly over smooth surface, patchy lifts may occur during art creation process due to glue layer being weak, not holding well with the below surface. Glue will dry slower with air-dry but faster with a mini blowing fan.  Click Foil Nail Glue for sample purchase link on if not already own one.

Tip: Old glue with thicker consistency can be diluted with small drops of water.  Apply not too thin (runny glue) nor too thick (pasty glue) over nail and with not too thin nor too thick brush stroke glue layer will prepare the best sticky nail base, ready for the creative art creation steps.

4)  Place the curve side of the Creative Stencil Stopper/Flattener over sticky nail glue and press to flatten well with another stencil.

Note:  Achieving beautiful, clean french look is easier now with the Creative Stencil curve side.  Avoid pressing finger tip directly on to open glue area to not transfer oil/dirt and weaken glue adhesion.  

Tip:  Have a quick look over the stencil on both sides and gently wipe clean any visible glitter specks before placing over the sticky surface to avoid glitter in unwanted area.

The Creative Stencil Stopper/Flattener has multi functional uses and is good to have it collect and save up with each purchase.  It is sticky-proof thus is good use to flatten the other stencil over sticky nail.  Stencil can be used as one or combine with others at the same time to create unique, one-of-a-kind nail arts.  If own many Creative Stencil Stopper/Flattener, many nail arts or even all ten fingers can be used all at once.

5)  Apply glitter evenly over nail surface with finger tip and tap press, tap press over open sticky area.

Note:  Open glitter bottle by pushing cap down and turn counterclockwise and dispense glitter directly from bottle tip to sticky area then light rub evenly with a soft finger tip.  Placing the mixing canvas underneath to catch excess glitter can fall down from nail is recommended.  If 2 hands with all 10 fingers being done with the same colors, glitters fall on canvas can be reused by picking up with finger tip and apply over glue nail, avoid excess glitter wasting, result in long lasting glitter bottle.

Tip:  Quality glitter are all store in convenient bottle tips for easy dispensing, quick cap opening, minimal messy work space when use with the mixing canvas, no spilling even when bottle is tipping over, and best of all, minimal product wasting.  The micro size glitter from She Modern will fill up foil glue art better than larger size glitter bought elsewhere, result in a more opaque, glitter sparkles. 

Dispensing glitter quickly and easily with the convenient bottle from She Modern, making working with glitter more enjoyable and fun.  Little goes a long way and with dispensing glitter just enough for use will make products in this little bottle last a long time.

6)  Gently brush off excess glitters on and surrounding art with other clean finger tips. 

Note:  Having clean hands by holding and rolling around a sticky lint roller before removing the stencil stopper from the sticky surface will avoid loose glitter from adhering to unwanted, sticky area.  Having an inexpensive lint roller around when working with glitter is very handy.

Tip:  If want a more opaque and brighter glitter look, after wiping off excess to the first glitter layer, brush over with a second thin glue layer while stencil still on nail, fan dry, and apply glitter again.  In most case, one glitter layer is good but for white glitter french on clear nail tip, two glitter layers may be a good choice.  Two or more thin glue glitter layers are opaque enough, equivalent to solid gel color if use raw glitter over no other polish color underneath.  Creative option is up to skilled artist’s choice.  Experiment and see what work best.

7)  Apply a thin layer of foundation base gel coat and gently lift up the stencil, revealing beautiful, clean curve glitter french. 

Note:  Base foundation gel will harden the glitter glue layer.  With the glitter layer being sandwiched between the two gel base layers, making this method a strong, long lasting, salon quality glitter french manicure, remember to gel cap the nail tip edge with gel base to seal well glitter.  Glossy top coat can be used instead of the base gel coat but may not be as stronger bond.

Tip:  If want a more opaque and brighter glitter look and only one layer of glitter glue is underneath, after brushing with a thin gel base layer with stencil still on glue nail, dispense glitter directly from the bottle tip in small amount over wet base gel before lifting up the stencil.  This way the glitter will settle down into the wet gel base.  This method is good for skilled nail artist with good hand control when dispensing glitter from bottle tip or else with too much glitter dispensing is not good.

8)  Cure the glitter sealed layer under LED/UV light to harden. Remove remaining glue on nail with lint-free, alcohol wipe.

Note:  Simple glitter french nail can end here or continue on with more creative designs with repeat instruction steps from 4-7.  

Tip:  Use a lint-free alcohol wipe to clean glue on nail is an optional step before top coat is applied.  If no loose specks of glitter stick on unwanted glue area, in most case, a transparent glossy top coat will blend well when brush over the clear glue.  Experiment and see what work best.

9)  Apply glossy top coat and cure under light to complete the simple, classy french nail.

Note:  Remember to gel cap the nail tip edge with gel top to seal well glitter. 

10)  Clean up excess glitter finger with a lint roller, wipe clean glitter mixing canvas, wet gel stencil curve with alcohol and save for next reuse

Note: Quickly clean up glitter by rolling the finger tips around the sticky lint roller to remove traces of loose glitter.  Having an inexpensive lint roller around when working with glitter is very handy.  Alcohol will clean away wet gel on mixing canvas and stencil, no need to use strong acetone solution.