Creative Stencil Glitter Arts



WOW !  Beautiful Sparkling Nail Arts that will Leave You in Awe for Days

Flexible, Durable, Reusable, Creative Stencil Nail Glitter Arts


Sky Is The Limit !  Countless glitter art placements are up to designers’ imagination when Creative Stencil Nail Glitter Arts combine with easy view, transparent clear Creative Stencil Stoppers are at your fingertip.

Fun and better way to apply nail glitter art creatively.  Just a touch of artistic sparkling accent is enough to add iridescent shine and elegant to ladies’ nails.

Creative Stencil Nail Glitter Arts work well with Sparkling Glitter Nail Design Arts where beautiful, sparkling micro fine glitter will dispense quickly and easily with convenient, controlled bottle tip, minimize wasting and messy work space.

Package include: 1 Creative Stencil Nail Glitter Arts (Full Sheet = 6 designs)  + 1 Clear Creative Stencil Stopper 1 Clear Creative Stencil Flattener, (not include Foil Nail Glue)

Note:  She Modern currently do not carry Foil Nail Glue.  Nail artist wish to create unique designs with these beautiful Creative Stencil Nail Glitter Arts can purchase at this suggested link Foil Nail Glue on Amazon or type in keyword ‘foil nail glue’. 

Creative Stencils work well with good foil nail glue because the white liquid glue will turn sticky clear when dry, acting as good holding base for the flexible stencil and bond glitter well.  Stencil will remove cleanly and easily, which make it a unique product, ready for next reuse.

For step-by-step detailed instruction, Click Here

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