Sparkling Glitter



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Wow! Beautiful Sparkling Nails that will Leave You in Awe for Days


Fun and better way to apply nail glitter.  Just a touch of Sparkling Glitter accent is enough to add iridescent shine and elegant to ladies’ nails with controlled coverage when apply light or heavy, sparingly or full over nails.

Color Fade Resistant.  Solvent Resistant.  Micro Fine, High Quality Sparkling Glitter in Easy View, Well Label, Crystal Clear Bottle Tip.

Usage is versatile, work with any medium: acrylic, gel or regular top, added amazing sparkling shine effect to any nail base color.

Dispense sparkling glitter quickly and easily with controlled application, minimize wasting glitter and messy workplace, result in long lasting, money worth investment product.

Package include: 1 bottle glitter (5 g), 1 empty reusable bottle nail brush cleanser, 1 nail ring display, 1 black reusable mixing canvas, foil nail sticker samples (random arts, colors, size)

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