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Pink Rosy Holo
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Beautiful Sparkling Nails that will Leave You in Awe for Days! Lovely accents that will add a touch of sparkle shine and elegant to ladies’ nails.

Fun and better way to apply nail glitter as easy as counting 1,2,3
1) Tab glitter drops on nails evenly and let dry
2) Seal with clear base + top polish
3) Clean excess, stick-on skin glitter with water

No more messy, flying glitter dust everywhere. Quick to apply and easy to clean up with water.  Ability to build up desired opacity level with controlled application. Full coverage over nails with just thin layers of small glitter drops. Click How To for detailed instructions.

Non-Toxic. Safe on Skin. Solvent Resistant. Color Fade Resistant. Water-based. Odorless. Stick-On Solution. Extra Fine Quality Glitter. Dispense glitter drops easily with soft squeeze bottle tip.

ATTENTION: Sparkling Nail Glitter is for use as nail decoration. It is not cosmetic grade glitter and should not be applied on body skin as makeup, especially not on face, near the eyes or mouth area.

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