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Looking for quick and easy method to create beautiful nail arts?  Look no further, nail artists can now create quick, easy, countless cool arts when combine the colorful Foil Art Water Decals + sparkling Glitters/Pigments + creative Stencils

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by Nails of Intetest on
Glitter, Pigment, Stencils, Foil Arts Water Decals

I have used every type of glitter, pigments, stencils, foils from She Modern .... I love them all.  Foil arts are a great way to add extra accent touches to the nail easily.  No stamping or hand painting needed!  I like them a lot, make product reviews on my YouTube channel and wear on my nails with many good compliments from friends and family.

by Pumpkin’s Nail Station on

She Modern glitters are the prettiest glitters I have used.  They are so fine and smooth.  You even get smooth finish over regular nail polish.  I love the holographic glitters the color shift is just first class!  I love the bottles they come in, and the bottles never seem to run out, high quality glitter, in no waste bottles.  It’s so worth it.  Seriously guys try this glitter they are amazing, I’m hooked.  I like the finer glitter with smooth, not bumpy, finish and I have had no problems with this brand!  It’s so so fine and the best is to be able to use with gel or regular polish. Really beautiful glitters.  😍

by Sassyfamilie on
Glitter, Pigment, Foil Arts Water Decals

Hi everyone, I used the glitter, glow-in-the-dark pigment, neon pigment, foil arts water decals and boy..oooo..boy, am I happy with them?  YEAH ❤❤❤❤  The glow-in-the-dark products are AMAZING!!!!!  Never before I had a glow pigment that is so great like She Modern's products.  Also the other glitter/pigment are amazing too.  You get A LOT and need so very little to do your nails.   The foil water decals, I LOVE THEM A LOT!  So easy and quick to use.  You can see my nail arts with She Modern products on my Youtube channel at SassyFamilie.  I love She Modern ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

by Just nailed it on
Foil Water Decals

I've tried the foil water decals from SheModern and have falling in love.  They are beautiful and easy to use.  I use on my nails and on my Youtube channel. Thank you SheModern.

by Kay Lilia on
Sparkling Neon pigments

Love these neon sparkling pigments you can totally see the sparkling in the neon pigment when you apply it love this product got a lot of compliments while wearing. A lot of colors  you can select from I also like the bottle it's in so if you knock it over it won't spill all over the place.  I recommend the sparkling Neon pigments

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