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She Modern is an online store for unique products of colorful Foil Art Water Decals + sparkling Glitters/Pigments + base/top Grip Gel + sticky Glue Gel+ creative Stencils.

She Modern Creative Nail Arts Shop is introduced to the world new and better way of creating beautiful nail arts quickly and easily.  Nail artists now can create one-of-a-kind, quick and easy designs.  Endless creative art placements are at designers’ fingertips when playing with She Modern’s unique products.

Click How-To for detailed demo instructions, Reviews for experience sharing, Gallery for inspired nail art ideas.

Convenient and pleasant customers’ shopping experiences are She Modern’s main objective goals.  Be confident that customers’ personal information are safe with PayPal secured checkout payment option.  Free Shipping on total order over $49 worldwide.

Become Distributors And Earn Money

Wholesale offer for international distributors, boutique store owners, salon owners interested in She Modern’s beautiful foil art water decal products can contact us for discounted price.  Because we are the manufacturer of this beautiful, unique foil nail art water decals brand, which you will not find anywhere else, we are happy to collaborate and partner with interested re-sellers and distributors looking to do business with She Modern.

For customer support, please contact us by email.

Address:  PO Box # 254, Westminster, CA 92684