Glue Gel
For Dry Coloring
Glitter + Pigment

$ 17.99

Imaging many possible ways for creative nail artists to create long lasting, beautiful nail arts with this special product, result in colorful nail arts in minutes.

This special Glue Gel will let creative nail artists add beautiful dry glitter/ pearl/neon/glow pigment coloring over foil arts or create gradient ombre nails quickly and easily.

Unlike the regular gel base which leave behind a wet tacky touch after curing, this Glue Gel will leave clean sticky surface, let dry coloring adhere evenly over top, making creative colorful nail arts easy.

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Instructions For Creating Beautiful Gradient Ombre Gel Nails

  1. Polish nails with base and color gel, recommend to use white color for pigments of pearls, neons, or glow-in-the-dark, then cure under LED/UV light between layers.
  2. Apply a thin layer of the Grip Gel over the nails and cured under LED light for 30 seconds.
    • (Note: Applying Glue Gel directly over the tacky layer of the cured color gel will sometimes result in ripple circles of uneven surface thus will need the Grip Gel apply first.  Or creative nail artist can use a lint-free alcohol wipe to clean away the top layer.  The rippling patches occur because with some color gel brand after curing under LED light will leave light oily surface.)
  3. Apply a thin layer of the Glue Gel over the nails and cured under LED light for 30 seconds.
  4. Use a small brush to pick up dry glitters/pigment powder and apply over the sticky nail surface half way to create ombre effect.
    • (Note: Use a small, flat brush to pick up tiny amount of dry pigment, little goes a long way, pick up little at a time for a more control brushing over sticky glue nails.  Deposit coloring pigment from the top of the nails then brush downward, having the brush touch the nails at 45 degree angle.  With quick brush stroke motion, the pigment will deposit more at the top and gradually fade downward, creating beautiful gradient ombre effect.
  5. Apply a thin layer of the Grip Gel again to seal well the ombre design and cured under LED light for 30 seconds.
    • (Note: This step is optional but recommended in salon environment where nail artist created arts for customer to ensure stronger, long lasting protection of the ombre design until her next come back in few weeks.)
  6. Seal off the beautiful nails with clear gel top coat and cured under LED light for 60 seconds.